Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Favourite designers - Martina Weber/Rosenberg

I thought it would be fun telling about my favourite designers and why they make my heart go "ticking" a little bit faster :-)

The first one invited is my all time favourite ... Martina Rosenberg (formerly Weber) from Chatelaine Designs.

As I've already talked about her in my previous post, I limit myself to telling she's a super-duper designer who's easily available when having questions or difficulties. She often responds fast on the discussion board and it is that kind of interaction that I highly appreciate.

I also adore her style, the overdyed silks, beads and special stitches.

But here is what you really want to see ... pictures (and they're all to date since I've taken "shots" this past weekend)! ;-)

Misty Morning Vineyard

Hawaiian Mandala

Provence Mandala

Persian Iris Garden

Hanging Gardens of Semiramis

Rajasthan Lotus Pond

And two more recent ones:

Chinese Dragon Gate

Chinese Garden Mandala

I forgot to take piccies of the Alpine Season's Garden, Queen's Farmhouse and the Secret Victorian Garden!

Kitted but not started yet are the Convent's Herbal Garden, Alhambra Garden, Taj Mahal Garden, Illuminated Medieval Sampler and King's Vegetable Garden (maybe I'm forgetting other ones ...).

Looking at my photo's now, I realise that :
1 - there are really lots of folding lines in my fabric - so sorry for not ironing before
2 - I still have a lot to stitch
3 - I have more WIP's and kitted up then I thought
4 - I don't even dare to speak of all the charts I've bought and printed from Martina - but not kitted :-)

Hope you've liked the tour!

Tomorrow I'm going to tell something more about the French designers I like :-)

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Joysze said...

Hubba hubba, Ann!!! I think this is the first I've seen of Provence, it's breathtaking.