Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking back on 2011

Maybe I've should've posted before my good resolutions of 2011 :-)

On the personal/financial front things weren't that great. Three of our hosehold machines that decided to die (the washing machine, the drying cabinet and the dishwasher) and two small accidents with both of our cars caused by both careles and drunk drivers. My husbands car wasn't badly damaged, but I had to purchase another car.

But not everything was negative! As for family ... everyone is still healthy, we still have both of our parents and lots of our grandparents, the children are getting bigger and more independent. So no complaints there :-)

But hey ... this is a blog mainly about my hobbies :-)

I wish I could show you more finished items but I admit that I'm a sucker for BAP's which means I hardly finish anything. The only thing that I started - and finished are the two christmas trees you see in my previous post (sad isn't it).

The larger pieces I actually worked/stitched on this year are:
- HAED : Revelations by Sheila Wolk (retired)

- Chatelaine: Misty Morning Vineyard, the Queens Farmhouse, Chinese garden and Chinese Gate

This year I think I'm going to focuss more on stitching smaller things like ornaments and finishing them as well. I got inspired by her staircase and christmas tree ;-)
That's it for today!

P.S.: Stitchy pics will follow this weekend (better light to take my photo's)

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Joysze said...

Yes, family being healthy etc are the most important things. On the bright side with the accidents, you got a new car!!! Hehehehe.

I can't wait to see pics of all your BAPs, Ann. :D