Monday, January 9, 2012

Stitching career

I started stitching when I was young - I think 10 years - because creativity has always run in the family of my mother's side = crocheting, knitting, lace, making own clothes, ... nothing was a secret nor a mystery in my family :-) Guess I had to continue that tradition!

I got interested in stitching more complex pieces somewhere around my 16th year. Things we knew around here were Lanarte and Thea Gouverneur kits (I chose the latter due to her very colourfull and more complex designs). Here are some examples of the pieces that hang on my walls at the moment:

Thea Gouverneur
Indonesian Dancer
(stitched 2 times = once for mom and once for me)

Thea Gouverneur
King Tut-Anch-Amon

Thea Gouverneur
Sail Amsterdam

I forgot to add one ... this one now hangs at my mother-in-law's house:

Thea Gouverneur

Little did I know about the wonders that the WorldWideWeb would have in store for me! Contacts with other stitchers from all over the world (it was sometimes difficult finding people around you with the same hobby/passion), fabrics, beads, fibers, etc you could only dream of, and lots of other information and help!

Since then I've discovered a lot. Lots of it was due to a designer I accidentally stumbled across on googling some information = Martina Weber (now Rosenberg).

I got to know her when the Misty Morning Vineyard was still a mystery (an ongoing class at that moment). Through her I discovered the world of overdyed silks, beads and special stitches.

Since then most of my time and stitching has been consacrated on stitching her pieces!

I'll show you some of my progress pictures tomorrow :-)

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Joysze said...

I can't believe you stitched the Indonesian Dancer twice!!! :O AWESOME JOB. King Tut and the Sail are great! They must look so good on your walls. :)