Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Favourite designers - Marie Suarez, Gigi Ries and Mariska Vandecasteele

There are a couple of Belgian designers that are beginning to have some success ;-)


I think that Marie Suarez is probably one of the best known abroad, since she published two books and also designs for a couple of magazines (for instance "Il était un fil" which I purchased from the beginning). She creates designs with a delicate look and to accomplish this she uses quite some special stitches. I think you will all adore her style :-) ... Here are a couple of her embroideries on my wishlist:

Bobine Coquette

Dan mon panier joli

Petit sac pour ouvrages

Fol Amour

La vie est belle

Mon beau sapin

Just to have already a taste of it, I've bought a smaller design (during the 2011 "Aiguille en Fête" fair in Paris) from here daughter who's following in the same footsteps as her mother. Here's a picture of it

        Miss Kat - Kaleidoscope


This is a really interesting designer for sampler lovers. She has already treated a big part of the alphabet. Each letter has it's own - larger - sampler with smaller motifs around that all have to do with the letter in question. Each of those motifs would be lovely on pincushions, handkerchiefs, ... small objects you use daily.

I don't have charts from her, but downloaded some of her freebies in the past (which I still have to stitch).


Is also a sampler lover and designer. Doesn't have an own blog nor website but her desings are sold via this site. I have bought a BAP from her which I would like to start and give some loving attention to this year. It's called "Floral Sampler" and its really big when you see it in real!

See you tomorrow!

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♥ Nia said...

I didn't know any of them! Thank you for sharing :)
Also, thank you for the sweet message on my blog :) I'm a new follower over here! Nice to meet you :D
Hugs&smiles from Portugal!!!