Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You know that feeling?

I wanted to start some crochet ! Well bummers ... this didn't turn out how I wanted!!!

I thought I had all the materials ready and when opening my goodies bag, I somehow missed the most important colour to start with = dark brown!

      Anna Burda - February 2012 issue - Look at all those gorgeous cottons begging "take me" :-)

So goodbye cottons and hello stitching!

I began with the biscofleur but didn't get far on the stitching since I started hesitating on the colour choice. I only use variegated threads in my larger pieces where they blend well with all the other stitching. This is different because of the use of only one floss, hence my douby! What do you think?

And the sampler also got a little bit attention. Unfortunatelly I cannot work very long on it due to the weight of the fabric. My fingers get cramped after one hour of embroidery (because it's sooooo big, I do hand stitching).

I'm currently on HAED Revelations. Page 3 is almost finished. I'll post a piccie once this is a fact! ;-)

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Joysze said...

Love the colors, Ann. Sorry crocheting didn't work out, but stitching is always fun. ;)